About Us

Eos is excited about the merger between the Vios Fertility Institute and KindBody. Our staff is delighted to be joining the dedicated KindBody team in providing fertility and family-building care for all. Please consider these FAQs and stay tuned for upcoming updates.

Creating Life With Hope

At Eos Conception, we recognize the world we live in is constantly changing and those changes require us to be mindful, transparent, and real with you, our client. We strive to continuously push ourselves to provide services and support that are unique to address your individualized needs.

In a world with social media and at home DNA testing, remaining anonymous is no longer an option. While this may leave you feeling unsure, we believe the ramifications of donor anonymity are far more destructive than the new reality we find ourselves in. The consequences – physically, medically, emotionally, and legally – to all parties involved (the donor, donor’s family, intended parents, intended parent’s family, and the donor conceived child) far out weight the uncertainty we may feel as we navigate this new reality, TOGETHER.

As our client, whether you are seeking to donate your eggs , donate your embryos , or utilize one of our egg donors to make your dreams of family a reality, we are here with you EVERY step of the way. We want our clients to understand all perspectives, empowering them to feel confident with their choices. Creating life with hope.

As an agency we are advancing the standard of care for egg donation by opening new dialogue across multidisciplinary organizations. We are actively changing the face of the egg donation process. We are hopeful for the future.

Eos is the Greek Goddess of the dawn who brings the hope of a brand new day.

What “the hope of a brand-new day” looks like, is unique and personal to every individual. Eos Conception’s objective is to help our clients attain their personal dream of baby or gift of donation, while upholding their wellbeing and trust.

mission: Eos Conception is a leader of innovation and blazes a seamless journey towards successful pregnancy, using only the most dynamic third party candidates, state of the art services, and personalized wellness care.

vision: We inspire hope of a healthy baby, achieve the dreams of families, using uniquely qualified egg donors.

Our clients and egg donors are Eos family. We celebrate you!

Our Team

Eos Conception & Vios Fertility Institute

Eos Conception is a team of business, clinical, and administrative professionals with a passion for helping individuals realize their dreams of parenthood using third party reproduction. We recognize, support, and celebrate all family dynamics, including single and LGBTQIA with clientele in the US and around the world. We provide individualized financial and refund financial packages to assist you in achieving your dreams of a baby. Our exclusive medical partner, Vios Fertility Institute, are leaders in the fertility field and provide the most innovative, scientific, cutting-edge fertility treatments using the latest technology. They maintain competitive and superior ongoing pregnancy and live birth statistics for fresh and frozen oocytes. 

With over 150 years of combined experience, we are mindful of the separate and unique needs and goals of our intended parents and egg donors. As well as the shared need for expert guidance, reassurance, and convenience on their journey with us and beyond. Our unified teams allow you 24/7 access, not only Eos Care Coordinators, but also to Vios medical clinicians and staff. 

Get started on your journey to parenthood or donation today!