Reproductive Legal Counsel

Third party reproduction and the donation of and use of donor eggs are complex situations. For this reason, we believe legal counsel is imperative for both intended parents and prospective donors.

For Our Donors

To remove coercion and provide full informed consent for our Eos egg donor candidates, we provide legal counsel from a licensed reproductive legal attorney. As a part of our application and evaluation process, all egg donors candidates meet with an attorney to understand the legal ramifications of egg donation for all parties involved (donor, intended parent(s) and potential donor conceived children). Candidates who successfully complete all steps of the evaluation process meet with an attorney a second time to review and have complete understanding on the Eos agency contract before signing the agreements. Eos egg donors are not presented to intended parents until agency contracts are signed.

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Direct Donor Agreements 

At Eos, we recognize the importance of allowing an avenue for open dialogue between the egg donor and intended parents to provide structure to donation and advocate for the donor conceived child. An agreement is required for all fresh donor matches and for our frozen egg bank we have the ability to accommodate this option. Both parties work directly with a reproductive attorney to create this agreement.

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