The Importance of Genetic Testing

When it comes to creating a baby it is important to know how genetics play a role in the development of that baby. Genetic carrier screening allows individuals to know their carrier status, or what diseases/disorders they “carry” a gene for.

As a carrier of that disorder, an individual won’t have the disorder. However, they could pass that disorder on to their child if their partner is also a carrier. At Eos Conception, genetic testing is an important part of our process for both our egg donors and our intended parents.

Genetic Counseling and Screening – Prospective donors undergo a comprehensive expanded panel screening and consultation completed by a licensed geneticist. This allows us to gain information about the donor’s genetic health, treatment options to offset any genetic disease by further genetic testing of an embryo, PGT (preimplantation genetic testing), and ultimately to minimize the chances of passing a genetic disease or defect to the child. This information allows the intended parent(s) ease of mind when selecting the right match and allows the donor herself valuable insight into her health.

Genetic Match Consult – When combining two new sets of genes to make a life, we want to do our best to protect that new life and understand the potential genetic risk. With this in mind, we require the sperm source that is being used in conception to be genetically tested to see how it will combine with the potential egg donor. This knowledge prevents us from matching intended parents with a donor candidate who will have a high chance of inheriting a genetic disease or disorder.