Financing & Insurance

At Eos, we are always mindful, transparent, and real with you. We ensure all intended parents have a clear understanding of the egg donor process on every level and help you navigate each step. That includes providing full transparency about the cost for our donor services and supporting you to help make these options affordable. Our personalized pricing and our ability to help clients understand and maximize insurance benefits set us apart from other agencies.

Customized financial options to meet your individual needs

Flexible Financial Packages

Because every client is unique, your individual family building journey will impact your donor price. That’s why we offer customized financial packages, designed to meet your individual needs. Your tailored pricing can include our live birth guarantee (Eos Promise Plan), frozen egg lot options with blastocyst guarantee, and/or bundled multi-cycle options. Because of our exclusive partnership with Vios Fertility Institute, we are able to eliminate third party fees and bundle costs to pass savings on to our clients through our inclusive, personalized financial packages.

For those who do not have fertility insurance or have already exhausted their benefits, we also offer customizable self pay options for both domestic and international clients. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your family planning goals and review different financial options to help you achieve them.

Our Eos program coordinators will work with you to create a la carte financial packages that combine any of our consultative services (such as genetic counseling, sperm selection and acquisition, gestational carrier matching, and international/out-of-state travel services) with fresh donor cycles and frozen egg lot acquisition.

To learn more about our financial options, contact us today or call 866-210-3218!

Insurance Coverage

In some cases, intended parents have insurance that can help cover the cost of fertility treatments (see list of insurances accepted by our medical partner, Vios Fertility Institute). It is important to check what specific fertility testing and treatment options are covered by your plan. We recommend contacting your provider to review your benefits with them directly.

Because of our partnership with Vios, unlike other egg donor agencies, we are able to offer our clients expert financial counseling to ensure you maximize any insurance benefits. The Vios Financial Navigators will work with you to help you understand what your insurance does and does not cover and determine how your coverage can be used toward third-party reproduction treatments.

Contact us to learn more about your financial options!

Special Financing and Discounts

Because we are committed to giving our clients the most comprehensive fertility financing options available, we partner with leading financial specialists focused solely on fertility. Eos clients can receive comprehensive, customized loan programs to meet the needs of their fertility journey and help ease the financial stress of treatment and medications.

As a first step, please join our partners, Vios Fertility Institute and Future Family, for a FREE webinar to learn more about your options when it comes to financing your fertility care & treatment. Register here

Eos Financing Partners

At Eos, we connect our clients with reputable financial management services to help you afford the cost of your treatment and egg donor services.

  • Future Family eliminates big upfront fees with a simple monthly fee for IVF, egg freezing, donor services and more. Plans are personalized to fit your needs. Learn more
  • CapexMD has an easy, convenient loan process with competitive rates allowing you to attain the necessary financing required to make your treatment affordable. Learn more
  • emBorrow provides financing options as well as a community of women and couples that will share their own experiences to help guide you through your fertility journey. Learn more
  • EggFund has the largest network of vetted fertility lenders, who provide you with pre-approved loan offers. EggFund gives you more choices, so you can find the best loan for you–all in one place. Learn more


Because our Eos team is passionate about advancing the standard of care for egg donation, we are always pursuing opportunities for partnerships that will benefit our clients, including financial discounts. Contact us today or call 866-210-3218 to learn more about our current discounts:

  • Men Having Babies – Current members qualify for 10% off select fertility treatments.
  • Military Discount – Current and former military servicemen and servicewomen qualify for 10% off select fertility treatments.