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Our Fresh & Frozen Egg Donor Programs

We offer the most elite and all-inclusive fresh and frozen egg donor programs through our collaboration with our medical partner, Vios Fertility Institute. We acknowledge the overwhelming importance of egg vitality in achieving a successful pregnancy and implement an elegant and streamlined passage toward a healthy pregnancy for our intended parents who need an egg donor. We offer fresh and frozen egg donors, to allow a diverse array of egg donor candidates and alternative financial opportunities desired by our intended parents.

In a world with social media and at home DNA testing, remaining anonymous is no longer an option. While this may leave you feeling unsure, we believe the ramifications of donor anonymity are far more destructive than the new reality we find ourselves in. The consequences – physically, medically, emotionally, and legally – to all parties involved (the donor, donor’s family, intended parents, intended parent’s family, and the donor conceived child) far out weight the uncertainty we may feel as we navigate this new reality, TOGETHER. We want our clients to understand all perspectives, empowering them to feel confident with their choices.

Our high-quality, medically cleared egg donors are meticulously screened. Our screening process is one of the most comprehensive and conservative in the United States. Only 4-5% of applicants who express interest in becoming an Eos egg donor actually complete the screening process and become available for matching with an intended parent. We believe it is essential, to uphold the health and wellness of the young woman’s donation journey and optimize your success for achieving the dream of a healthy baby.

Why Choose Eos as Your Agency?

We take a different approach, than most agencies, when it comes to egg donation and look to elevate the level of thought, care and service that goes into our programs. We are advancing the standard of care for egg donation by opening new dialogue across multidisciplinary organizations and are actively changing the face of the egg donation process.

  • Personalized Matching Services – We understand the importance and high level of stress that can be involved for clients when deciding to use donor eggs and undergoing fertility treatments. For this reason, our care coordination team learns more about their current situation, desires, and goals. We then look through our candidates and present those that most closely fit the desired criteria eliminating the stress and confusion that can come from comparing too many choices at once.
  • Genetic Match Consult – When combining two new sets of genes to make a life, we want to do our best to protect that new life and understand the potential genetic risk. With this in mind, we require the sperm source that is being used in conception to be genetically tested to see how it will combine with the potential egg donor. This knowledge prevents us from matching intended parents with a donor candidate who will have a high chance of inheriting a genetic disease or disorder.
  • Direct Donor Agreements – At Eos, we recognize the importance of allowing an avenue for open dialogue between the parties to provide structure to donation and advocate for the donor conceived child. An agreement is required for all fresh donor matches and for our frozen egg bank we have the ability to accommodate this option.
  • Participation in the Donor Sibling Registry (DSR) – The DSR’s core value is honesty, with the conviction that people have the fundamental right to information about their biological origins and identities. We require both the intended parent(s) and donor to participate in the DSR for the health and wellbeing of any future donor conceived children.

Why Choose an Eos Egg Donor?

Our goal is to make the process of selecting and utilizing donor eggs as easy and seamless as possible for our intended parents. Eos Conception strives to provide the most elite and diverse egg donors for our clients. Therefore, we’ve made critical elements of our fresh and frozen donor egg program standard practice, at no additional cost for you, including:

  • Background Checks – Are a vital screening element for all prospective egg donors. Completion of the background check allows us to potentially discover information that may not be revealed during an in-depth interview or reference check.
  • Genetic Counseling and Screening – Prospective donors undergo a comprehensive expanded panel screening and consultation completed by a licensed geneticist. This allows us to gain information about the donor’s genetic health, treatment options to offset any genetic disease by further genetic testing of an embryo, PGT (preimplantation genetic testing), and ultimately to minimize the chances of passing a genetic disease or defect to the child. This information allows the intended parent(s) ease of mind when selecting the right match and allows the donor herself valuable insight into her health.
  • Reproductive Legal Counseling – To remove coercion and provide full informed consent from egg donor candidates all egg donors are provided legal counsel from a licensed reproductive legal attorney. This consultation is completed prior to the presentation and signing of Eos agency contracts and Vios medical consents for the egg donation process.

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