Services & Finances

Services for Intended Parents

Eos provides a wide array of consultative services and financial package options for our intended parents. We want you to have a clear understanding of the egg donor selection process from an emotional, medical, legal, genetic and financial prospective.

Consultative Services

While consultation with an Eos Program Coordinator on selecting an egg donor is a standard element of our program, some intended parents want or need additional support prior to their treatment cycle and/ or donor selection. Eos will support you and communicate with our clinical partner, Vios Fertility, to ensure a seamless transition for services of the following:

  • Genetic Counseling – for clients to understand how any genetic disorder or carrier status they have may result in their chances of conception and any potential future offspring.
  • Sperm Selection & Acquisition – Vios Third Party Care Coordinators can guide you through the sperm donor selection process and medical elements in selecting a sperm donor. Vios will coordinate purchase and shipping logistics to the Vios IVF center.
  • Gestational Carrier (GC) Matching – Vios Third Party Care Coordinators will provide you detailed information regarding matching services for clients who need a gestational carrier in addition to an egg donor. Vios has a network of relationships to identify potential GC candidates and guide you through a process of candidate review, questionnaires and interviews to find the right GC for you.
  • International or Out of State Travel Services – our teams will assist you in coordination and reputable recommendations for travel and stay, during your time away from home.

Financial Packages

We offer a variety of financial packages tailored to meet the needs of our clients. During your initial consultation with the Vios Financial Counselor and the Eos Program Coordinator, we will learn more about your family planning goals and review the different financial package options that can help you accomplish those goals. Examples of some unique financial egg donor packages include:

  • Dual Frozen Egg Lot Option – for split fertilization between two sperm sources, planning for future sibling IVF cycle attempt(s), and/ or additional genetic testing of embryos.
  • Split Cycle – utilization of a fresh egg donor in real-time to reduce treatment costs and the number of eggs/embryos that would require disposition instructions should they not be transferred to attempt pregnancy.
  • Eos Promise Plan – we established this program to remove the unknown cost concerns and give financial reassurance to patients by providing a refund if there is no live birth.
  • Sibling Option – the frozen egg bank recognizes and allows you to have the ability to plan ahead for genetically related siblings, future children.
  • Self-Pay Packages – for clients who do not have fertility insurance or have already exhausted their benefits, we provide a number of all inclusive package options.
  • International Clientele Plan – we provide an all inclusive option for clients traveling to the U.S. for care; which includes fees for preimplantation genetic testing of embryos.

We also offer ala carte and customized financial packages allowing our clients to combine consultative services with fresh donor cycles and frozen egg lot acquisition.

Insurance Coverage

In some cases, clients have insurance that can help cover the cost of fertility treatment with our medical partner Vios Fertility Institute (view list of accepted insurances). It is important to check to see what your specific plan covers in regards to fertility testing and treatment. We recommend calling your provider to review your benefits directly with them. To learn more about how your insurance coverage can be used for treatment using donor egg, please contact a Vios Financial Coordinator at 866.258.8467.

To learn more about the financial packages offered by Eos, contact us today or call 866.504.1170!