The Process

Getting Started with Donor Egg

While everyone’s journey is unique, below is a general overview to begin your journey! This process typically takes 1-2 months to complete and involves 2-3 clinic appointments and 3-4 remote consultations.

  1. Register to get started and complete your complimentary welcome consultation so we may learn more about your needs and review program details.
  2. Establish medical treatment using donor egg with our clinical partner, Vios Fertility Institute, and complete necessary diagnostic and genetic testing.
  3. Your Vios Financial Coordinator will contact you to schedule your complimentary consultation to review insurance coverage, financial package options, and your financial obligations.
  4. Your Eos Program Coordinator will contact you to present potential match candidates specific to your criteria.
  5. Follow up consult with your Vios physician to review your testing results and confirm treatment protocol.
  6. Select and retain your Eos egg donor candidate.
  7. Begin your donor egg treatment cycle at Vios!

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