Why Use Donor Eggs?

There are many reasons why intended parents seek a donor egg child experience to achieve their family-building goals. No matter what path you have taken so far, we are determined to help you realize your dream of becoming a parent. Our concierge egg donor services are designed to support all clients, including those navigating infertility, as well as LGBTQIA couples and singles.

Who Should Use Donor Eggs?

Our collaborative reproduction services have resulted in donor egg success stories for a range of patients:

  • Women with advanced reproductive age, or who are unable to become pregnant for other medical reasons.
  • Same-sex couples and single individuals who want to become parents
  • Transgender patients seeking parenthood
  • Intended parents who have a risk of passing on a genetic disorder
  • Patients with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss following assisted reproduction technologies (ART) treatments
  • Oncofertility patients

Fertility Health Evaluation

If you haven’t already had a fertility health evaluation, contact our medical partners at Vios Fertility Institute to schedule a complimentary consultation. Their expert team of physicians will review your medical history, discuss your family planning goals, and provide guidance and options for achieving parenthood.

Schedule your complimentary consultation or call us at 866-210-3218.

Fresh vs. Frozen Donor Egg

Intended parents face a number of important considerations when choosing between fresh and frozen eggs, including cost, level of coordination, and individual chances of success. Our personalized services are designed to help you navigate these variables and determine the best option to meet your family planning goals.

Whatever treatment path you choose, we are committed to ensuring you find the quickest path to parenthood. Because of our custom service model and comprehensive donor screening process, Eos clients have the peace of mind that all donors presented have been individually matched, extensively vetted (medically and genetically) and thoughtfully prepared (legally and emotionally).

Embryo Donation

For some clients, who are unable to become pregnant through primary fertility treatments, donor embryos may present the best option to achieve their family-building goals. We are deeply grateful for the generous Eos donors who choose to give this incredible gift with the potential to help other hopeful couples achieve their dream of parenthood. Eos provides comprehensive vetting and personalized match facilitation to empower both donors and recipients with confidence, and we support you every step of the way.

To learn more about your options, contact us to schedule your consultation today!