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Eos donors each bring unique reasons for donating their genetics. The hope and generous gift of life they provide intended parents is truly awe inspiring! All our prospective egg donors receive state-of-the-art, integrated, and personalized medical care. We honor and respect their overall donation health needs and personal wellbeing. In addition, the benefits of egg donation with Eos often extend far beyond donors’ initial expectations!

We understand that the continually changing world we live in requires us to be mindful, transparent, and real with you. We strive to continuously push ourselves to provide services and support that meet your individual needs. We are here with you EVERY step of the way and want you to understand all perspectives, empowering you to feel confident with your choices.

How to Get Started

Getting started is quick and easy with our short, online prescreen application. For those who are approved, our Eos team will guide you through our comprehensive donor screening process.

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Why Choose Eos?

Egg Donors Become a Part of Our Eos Family for Life

At Eos, collaborative reproduction is our passion. That’s why we focus on YOU, the individual. Our team is actively working to ensure you have a clear understanding of what becoming an egg donor means physically, emotionally, legally, and financially.

Our program is designed to give every Eos donor a tailored, supportive donor experience and we provide prospective donors with all the tools, resources and support you need to be confident and excited in your decision to give the beautiful gift of life. At Eos, egg donors become a part of our family for life and ensuring their experience is positive and rewarding is our top priority!

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What is egg donation?

Egg donation allows qualified donors to provide healthy eggs (oocytes) to individuals who are unable to conceive a child on their own. Intended parents turn to egg donation for many reasons, including those navigating infertility, as well as same-sex couples and singles who wish to become parents. Through this incredible act of service, donors are literally helping intended parents create life with hope.

How much are Eos egg donors paid?

As a part of the egg donation process, Eos egg donors are compensated financially for their time and effort. We take pride in offering competitive donor compensation that reflects the incredible value of the gift you are giving to intended parents. Compensation ranges based on several factors, and your specific compensation will be discussed during the screening process. Learn more about the benefits of egg donation or complete the prescreen application today!

Do Eos egg donors have any personal expenses?

No. Eos egg donors have no out-of-pocket expenses.

Can egg donors remain anonymous?

In a time with social media and at-home DNA testing, remaining anonymous is no longer an option. We believe the ramifications of donor anonymity to all parties involved (the donor, donor’s family, intended parents, intended parent’s family, and the donor-conceived child) are far more destructive than the alternatives. As our client, we will help you navigate this new reality TOGETHER; empowering donors to understand all disclosure perspectives so that you can feel confident with your choices. Read more about our program to see how Eos empowers donors with true informed consent and direct donor legal agreements.

How long is the Eos donor application process?

The Eos prescreen application takes just 10 minutes. Approved applicants may proceed to complete the overall application (60-90 minutes). Selected applicants move on to the comprehensive health evaluation (1-2 weeks). We value your time; candidates can choose to leave the screening process at any time, and those who do not meet the minimum requirements at each step will not continue.

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How long does the egg donation process take?

Egg donation timelines vary and may be subject to change. Donation usually requires a commitment of two to three months, depending on a number of factors. The medical egg donation process can take as little as 1 month. Eos offers the option to donate to the frozen egg bank, which allows more schedule flexibility and an average 1-2 month commitment.

How does Eos match donors with intended parents?

At Eos, our concierge donor service model means intended parents never experience the stress and confusion that can come with comparing too many choices at once. We hand select donors for each client based on their specific diagnosis, current situation, desires, and goals. Our personalized matching services pair intended parents with highly qualified donors that most closely fit the desired criteria. Our team of experts supports donors every step of the way to ensure you have the tools, resources, and support you need throughout the entire process.

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