Eos Donor Application & Evaluation Process

Getting started with your prescreen donor application is quick and easy. For those who are approved, our Eos team will guide you through our comprehensive donor screening process, including donor application and comprehensive evaluation (details below).

A Team of Experts on Your Side

The decision to donate your eggs is not a small one. It is a choice that should be made with a clear understanding of all aspects of the process. Your donor experience is extremely important to us at Eos, and our team of experts provide donors with all the tools, resources and support you need to be confident and excited in your decision to give this beautiful gift of life. This includes support from clinical specialists, third party donation specialists, mental health professionals, and reproductive attorneys.

We Value Your Time

Eos gives donors the flexibility of remote communication (when possible) and the choice of multiple clinic locations (through our medical partner, Vios Fertility Institute) to accommodate your personal schedule. At each step, candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements will not continue, and candidates may choose to leave the screening process at any time.

Prescreen Application (10 minutes)

The first step toward becoming an Eos egg donor is to complete the online prescreen application. This short form gives Eos high-level information about new donor applicants.

Begin the Prescreen Application

Overall Donor Application (60-90 minutes)

Candidates who meet our prescreening requirements will be invited to complete the overall donor application. This more detailed application goes into further detail about the donor’s life, family, and medical history. Applicants can begin the overall application immediately after your successful prescreening, or come back at a later time (using credentials sent via email). You can also save your progress and return at a later point to complete. If you’ve already begun the overall application, click below to login and continue. After submitting your completed application, the Eos Client Specialist will contact you for a 15-20 min phone consult.

Continue the Overall Application

Reproductive Legal Attorney Counsel

Candidates complete a legal consultation to review current and future legal implications and disclosure considerations of egg donation. This empowers Eos donors with comprehensive knowledge of the legal aspects of their genetic donation at the onset of the evaluation process, giving them the confidence to proceed as an Eos egg donor. Candidates who elect to move forward will complete legal agreements with support of their legal counsel.

Comprehensive Evaluation Process (2-3 weeks)

Selected candidates who meet our agency donor requirements will continue to the evaluation process. Because we value your time and commitment, Eos Conception provides potential donors a unique, streamlined evaluation process that can be completed in approximately 2-3 weeks. Keep in mind that, whether or not you choose to donate, medical test results from this evaluation can inform your future health and family planning decisions.

Medical Screening and Testing

Candidates schedule a one hour onsite Vios office location appointment to have their blood drawn (for genetic screening, infectious diseases, toxicology screening and hormonal levels) and also receive a transvaginal ultrasound to evaluate ovarian health.

Vios Physician Consultation and Physical Examination

Candidates schedule an onsite or virtual telehealth Vios physician consultation and onsite physical examination (approximately 1 hour) with our medical partner (Vios Fertility Institute) at one of their clinic locations. If prefered, we can schedule in combination with your medical and genetic Vios onsite appointment.

Genetic and Psychological Counseling and Screening

Candidates schedule a virtual telehealth consultation with a genetic counselor to review a comprehensive third-generation family medical genetic history and understand their genetic test results. Candidates also receive additional support services and counseling to understand all aspects now and in the future of the egg donation process.

Approved for Donation

Welcome to our Eos family! You are ready to donate immediately to our frozen egg bank or complete a fresh-directed donation to an intended parent. We celebrate you!

What Happens Next?

Learn more about the medical process of donating your eggs

Begin the Prescreen Application

We Never Say Goodbye to You

Regardless of your donor application status, our Eos team is focused on empowering you with information and support. For those not approved to donate, we provide valuable health resources and our donor screening process has additional donor benefits that empower your future health, wellness and fertility planning.