Eos Egg Donation Process

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Eos partners with Vios Fertility Institute to provide the highest quality care to Eos donors. The general steps (detailed below) will be tailored to your individual needs based on your consultations with the Vios physicians and clinical team. All cycle treatments will be provided at one of the Vios clinic or IVF lab locations, and you will also continue to receive resources and support throughout the egg donor process from our Eos team.

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Step 1: Preparation for Ovarian Stimulation

  • In order to control the timing of your cycle and synchronize your menstrual cycle with the intended biological mother (fresh “real-time” egg donors) and prepare your hormones for the ovarian stimulation treatment cycle (fresh and frozen egg donors) you may be placed on a birth control pill or vaginal NuvaRing for up to one month.

Step 2: Ovarian Stimulation and Monitoring

  • Because a woman’s natural monthly cycle typically produces a single egg, donors receive a series of injections to deliver fertility hormones that increase the number of eggs that reach maturation.

    Regular monitoring (blood tests and ultrasound) is essential to track egg development and hormone levels. Ovarian stimulation concludes with a hormone injection (or trigger shot) to initiate the final stage of egg maturation.

Step 3: Egg Retrieval Procedure

  • The next step in the egg donor process is a (15-20 minute) egg retrieval (scheduled ~36 hours after your trigger shot). Prior to your procedure, Eos offers donors acupuncture services to relieve anxiety and achieve optimal circulation for egg development. During egg retrieval, the patient is placed under sedation for comfort. 

Step 4: Follow Up Care

  • What to Expect – You will spend approximately 30-60 minutes waking up from anesthesia in our recovery area and will likely be a little groggy. Just before being discharged a clinical team member will review post procedure instructions and give you a care package to take home. Your IVF nurse will call you the day after your procedure to check-in and see how you are recovering. Some donors experience spotting, bloating, and mild discomfort after a retrieval. Most patients are fully recovered within one or two days.
  • Wellness Evaluation – Approximately 1-2 weeks after your retrieval, you will have a post donation wellness screening to review your overall health at one of the Vios Fertility clinic locations.

Why Donate with Eos?

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At Eos, collaborative reproduction is our passion. That’s why we focus on YOU, the individual. Our team is actively working to ensure you have a clear understanding of what becoming an egg donor means physically, emotionally, legally, and financially. Our program is designed to give every Eos donor a tailored, supportive journey from your initial application and evaluation through your donation cycle and post-donation wellness care. We are dedicated to providing our donors with all the tools, resources and support you need to be confident and excited in your decision to give the beautiful gift of life.

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