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At Eos Conception, we recognize the world we live in is constantly changing and those changes require us to be mindful, transparent, and real with you, our client. In a world with social media and at home DNA testing, remaining anonymous is no longer an option.

While this may leave you feeling unsure, we believe the ramifications of donor anonymity are far more destructive than the new reality we find ourselves in. The consequences – physically, medically, emotionally, and legally – to all parties involved (the donor, donor’s family, intended parents, intended parent’s family, and the donor conceived child) far out weight the uncertainty we may feel as we navigate this new reality, TOGETHER. As our client, we are here with you EVERY step of the way. We want you to understand all perspectives, empowering you to feel confident with your choices.

Empowering Our Donors!

The decision to donate your eggs is not a small one that should be taken likely. It is a decision that should be made with a clear understanding of all aspects of the process. We want you to ask questions, gain clarity, and make the best decision for you!

  • Comprehensive Understanding of What Becoming an Egg Donor Means – We want to ensure you have a clear understanding of what becoming an egg donor means physically, emotional, legally and financially.
  • A Team of Experts On Your Side – We’ve assembled a team of experts, with over 150 years of experience, to provide you the information you need to make this decision. These fertility physicians, third party donation specialists, mental health professionals, and reproductive attorneys make sure you are seeing the situation from all vantages points, not just your current perspective. You don’t know what questions you aren’t asking, so we ask them for you.
  • Leaders in Fresh & Frozen Egg Bank Experience – Our experience and partnership with Vios Fertility Institute makes us a leader in the fresh and frozen donor egg bank experience. By collaborating and bringing the agency and medical facility together, we can offer our clients more control. Allowing them the option to choose donation to our frozen egg bank or a directed fresh donation on their timeframe.
  • True Informed Consent – Your understanding and informed consent is so important to us, that we provide all potential donor candidates free legal counseling before signing any contracts.

A Focus on You the Individual!

  • An Individualized Experience – We provide you a tailored, supportive journey through the application, evaluation, donation cycle and post donation wellness care. You are part of our Eos family for the life and your experience remains our top priority.
  • Total Time Commitment – Your time is valuable. At Eos, we provide potential donors a unique, streamlined opportunity to quickly move through the application process (1-2 weeks) and evaluation process (2-3 weeks). At the end of this 3-5 week process, you are welcomed to our Eos family and are ready to donate immediately to our frozen egg bank or a complete a fresh directed donation to an intended parent!
  • Flexibility to Meet Your Busy Schedule – We understand the need for accommodating your availability during this commitment and the donation process. Therefore, we offer the most modern advancements to allow flexibility for remote communication and appointment availability at clinics across the mid-west.
  • Compensation – Compensation ranges per donor based on a number of factors including, your residence and the number of times you have committed to this process. Your specific compensation will be discussed during the screening process prior to signing any consents or contracts.

Mindful of Your Overall Health & Wellness

  • Complimentary Wellness Screens Before & After Donation – We complete an initial wellness screening before you begin treatment and again 1-2 weeks after your egg retrieval. This is something we feel is an important step in the process and allows you to have a snap shot of your overall health prior to starting the process and again afterwards. Many young women don’t regularly seek preventive and maintenance health guidance and these screenings can provide valuable information regarding your health.
  • Acupuncture Sessions – Prior to your retrieval and just after your retrieval, you will have the opportunity for complimentary acupuncture sessions that relieve anxiety, enhance the reproductive environment and promote healing post procedure.
  • Direct Donor Agreements – At Eos, we recognize the importance of allowing an avenue for open dialogue between the parties to provide structure to donation and advocate for the donor conceived child. An agreement is required for all fresh donor matches and for our frozen egg bank we have the ability to accommodate this option.
  • Participation in the Donor Sibling Registry (DSR) – The DSR’s core value is honesty, with the conviction that people have the fundamental right to information about their biological origins and identities. We require both the intended parent(s) and donor to participate in the DSR for the health and wellbeing of any future donor conceived children or children born to the donor.

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