Why Donate?

Creating Life with Hope

If you have ever considered being an egg donor, you may already know that one in six couples will have trouble conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term. In some cases, medication, monitoring, and fertility treatments can allow these couples to conceive. For other couples, using their own tissue (eggs or sperm) may not be an option, and they turn to third party reproduction and egg donation to achieve a pregnancy.

This is where our amazing Eos egg and embryo donors come into the picture and help individuals and couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. Eos donors all bring their own unique reasons for becoming a donor. Regardless of their motivation, we are in awe of the hope and generous gift of life they provide our intended parents! Our egg donors become a part of our Eos family for life; ensuring their experience is positive and rewarding is our top priority!

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Benefits of Donation

At Eos Conception, our program was created to empower our donors. We provide the tools, resources, and support for you to be confident and excited about your decision to give the beautiful gift of life. 

With the focus on YOU, the individual, we’ll ensure you have a clear understanding of what becoming an egg donor means physically, emotionally, legally, and financially.

Sometimes, the first thing that prospective donors learn when they begin to explore egg donation is that women can donate eggs for money. Although donor compensation can motivate prospective donors to take the first step, most donors quickly discover that egg donation has many altruistic and reproductive health benefits for the young women who choose to give this incredible gift of life to intended parents. At Eos, we take great pride in supporting you every step of the way, so that your donor experience is positive and fulfilling. 

Financial Benefits

As a part of the egg donation process, our egg donors are compensated financially for their time and effort. At Eos, we are committed to dispelling the misconception that women can donate eggs for money, however, we recognize that donor compensation can motivate donors to take the first step. We take pride in offering competitive donor compensation that reflects the incredible value of the gift you are giving to intended parents. Compensation ranges based on several factors, including the donor’s location and her continued commitment to future donation cycles. Your specific compensation will be discussed during the screening process. For all our programs, donor compensation is guided by recognized industry standards in ethics.

Healthcare Benefits

We provide you a tailored, supportive journey through your application, evaluation, donation cycle and post-donation wellness care.

At Eos, we empower you to understand your overall health and wellness. As part of the donor screening process, you will receive a comprehensive physical exam from expert clinicians, testing to determine your reproductive health, and genetic screening to see if you are a carrier for any inheritable conditions. This information gives you valuable insight into your health, including information that may impact your relatives, as well as how you should approach planning for a family of your own. Our donors are also able to receive health and wellness services, such as acupuncture and genetic counseling.

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How to Get Started as an Eos Egg Donor

Getting started is quick and easy with our short, online prescreen application (10 minutes). For those who are approved, our Eos team will guide you through our comprehensive donor screening process. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to guide you through the process and help you understand what it means to give this generous gift of life!

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